Pluhg — The New App that Pays you for the People You Know

From getting paid for making connections to finding a plu(h)g for any situation, Pluhg is the social networking app you never knew you needed.

We live in a world where “who you know” is ever-increasingly more valuable than simply “what you know.” It’s a bit of a weird concept, but it is very much so our reality today. Because of that, we are all increasingly aware of the value of a strong network.

However, what we rarely consider is monetizing the value of being the one that kickstarts a great business/social connection.

Are you the go-to whenever anyone is looking to make that right connection? Hoping to leverage your huge professional (or social) network you’ve built?

Or maybe you’re looking for someone to help you kickstart a business, but you don’t have the right connection in your network? Maybe you just need a plug but have no clue where to look?

Either way, Pluhg might be the App you never knew you were looking for.

So what in the world is Pluhg?

Pluhg is a new NoCode App that lets you earn money for your connections. Its a one-stop-shop for simultaneously getting paid to connect people and finding someone who can help you get connected.

Plug [noun]
1. A person who has everything you need
Synonyms: Source, Connector, Informant, Publicity, Push

Pluhg just launched to the public a few weeks ago, many dedicated years of development and ideation by founder Aleeta Bell. (If you’re looking to support strong, smart women of color in the tech industry… here is your chance.) The embodiment of new-age technology, Pluhg is developed using GlideApps’s promising NoCode app development platform, rather than Native App development.

“We all have valuable connections, why not get paid for them? Pluhg will change the way we meet people and make connections.” — Aleeta Bell, Founder of Pluhg

While it is not yet available on the App Store, it can be easily downloaded at and can be added to your home screen on iOS and Android. There is also an awesome YouTube channel that walks you through tips and tricks, so the user experience is pretty friendly.

Make Money off Being the Plu(h)g

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Connections are key to success in our world today. While it’s definitely rewarding, kind, and socially/professionally beneficial to help others out by initiating a connection, with Pluhg, you can turn that hard work into monetary value.

Help someone make a connection… and get paid for it when they connect.

It’s super simple. Once you download the App, you will be able to see the Connection Requests that other individuals are looking for. If you know someone who might fit their need, you can make a Connection Recommendation directly through the App (if they already have an account) or by sending them a Connection Recommendation via email or phone.

Once the connection is made, you get paid.

Here is the great thing about connections: They are a two-way street. Whether it is a business connection, a mentorship relationship, or contract work, both parties benefit from any good connection.

If you know your network and your connections well, you can do them a huge favor by connecting them with others who may value their skills/professional abilities. Using Pluhg, you can initiate a connection between your network and someone in need, and in the process, hopefully, help both parties.

The best part is that your network will be under no obligations. I do strongly suggest that you reach out to the person you will be plugging to others PRIOR to sending the recommendation (seems like proper business/social etiquette to me). However, Pluhg is (smartly) set up so that a connection will not be made unless both parties agree. Thus, if your contact doesn’t want to join Pluhg, they can decline the request, without anyone else ever knowing. (Awkward business relationship adverted!)

Pluhg centers connections around two basic concepts — loyalty and feedback. While payouts for successful connections initiated start at 25% of the connection’s cost, they can increase exponentially depending on your ratings and the number of completed connections.

It’s simple: The more frequently you act as The Pluhg for someone else’s Connection Request, the more money you make for every connection. In addition, at the conclusion of every accepted Connection Recommendation, you will be reviewed for the connection you kickstarted. The higher your rating, the more money you’ll make in the future.

While Pluhg has just started, they have announced an upcoming subscription model that will allow for the setting/customization of your connection costs — so you can give an individualized value to each of your new Connection Recommendations. As the platform grows, I can definitely see Pluhg being leveraged to produce a relatively passive stream of income.

Find a Connection for Anything you Need

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For as little as one dollar you can use Pluhg to find any connection you need. Just choose a Connection Request type, add some details, and wait for the suggestions to come rolling in.

When we think of plugs, connecting people, networking, etc. our minds usually wander to the world of business. Pluhg recognizes this and is built in a way that facilitates business transactions.

Looking for a tech-savy partner to get your Startup going? Trying to find a potential customer for your new business? In the investing business and looking for a Wall Street connection? Imagine how much would you pay to get that connection.

Or maybe you’re hiring but tired of headhunters. With Pluhg, you can get job recommendations from real-life people who know the qualifications of their network. You’ll get better quality well-rounded candidates, and you’ll be supporting real people instead of faceless headhunter corporations.

When I first saw that Pluhg categorizes connections as BusinessSocial or Event, I was really confused about the purpose of an Event connection.

However, once I started looking through the App’s current requests, I realized that it’s a whole new world of needs. And Pluhg is really one of the only platforms that tries to address it

Looking for a venue for an event? Maybe someone on Pluhg knows someone hoping to rent their warehouse. Hosting an amateur art gallery? Pluhg may be the perfect place to find artists outside your direct network who are looking to showcase their work.

Connections are oftentimes professional.. but they don’t have to be. And one of the coolest parts of Pluhg is that it makes it really easy to make awesome social connections. Want to talk about your favorite book or movie? Pluhg might be the place for you.

For example, I love my friends, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, I just want to unabashedly talk about the strange obsessions I have. Like if I only had to pay a buck to be able to fangirl about one of my favorite podcasts with someone else who also loves it… I would do it in a heartbeat.

Think Social Media… without all the reasons you hate Social Media

Pluhg a social networking App that helps you make connections via personal recommendations…without the annoyances and unneeded speedbumps you encounter on every other networking site

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The unfortunate reality of social media is that success is measured by the number of connections you have. Thus, you probably have an oversaturation of connections that may not help your needs.

With Pluhg, you only get connected with people who fit the parameters of your request. And if you don’t think they match your needs, you don’t have to connect!

As mentioned previously, if the person being recommended to you isn’t the right fit, no problem. No payment and no connection required.

It’s that simple.

Just like how Uber and AirBnb rely strongly upon reviews, so does Pluhg. I mean, its the best way to build trust and reliability between total strangers. The Pluhg (who is the person making the connection) will have a rating and reviews based upon connections they’ve kickstarted in the past, so you will have transparent information regarding parties you may interact with.

Plus, since most people will be connecting (or “pluhgging”) people they know and trust, rankings/reviews are likely to be a really good indication of the quality of your potential connections

Scared of sharing personal information with strangers? Worried about the safety of sharing payments? I have good news for you:

No private information is shared and all financial transactions go directly through Pluhg via Stripe.

Pluhg makes it easy for you to make personal recommendations between people who do not know each other, without sharing their personal contact data. The Requesters and the New Contact can communicate with one another within the App without divulging personal info. This ensures that your personal information — and the data of the people who you refer to Pluhg — stay safe and secure.

Connections are incredibly powerful. Your network is undeniably valuable. And with Pluhg, your network can become even more valuable than before.

More than that, Pluhg makes you look at networking with a whole new light.

Unlike other networking Apps/websites, Pluhg does not focus on the size and strength of your network as a whole. Instead, it emphasizes the value of every single person in your already-existing social/professional circle.

It’s different. It’s enlightening. And it very well may be an indication of the connections of our future.


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