Connect Two People From Your Phone Contacts

Without Sharing Their Personal Contact Details

What is Pluhg?

Pluhg is a social networking utility that allows you to make Personal Connection Recommendations between people without sharing their personal contact details.

Why Pluhg?

  • Trust

    Make Personal Connection Recommendations between your friends and associates that don't know each other.

  • Privacy

    Connect your friends and associates without having to exchange their personal contact details.

  • Communication

    Create a channel of communication between your friends and associates.

How to Pluhg?

  • Step 1

    Connect Two People

  • Step 2

    The Two People Accept or Decline

  • Step 3

    They Communicate in Pluhg

  • Leadership Team

  • Dr. Aleeta Bell

    CEO and Founder

  • Dr. Lona Miller

    Chief Spiritual Officer (CSO)

  • Clinton Sprauve

    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

  • Byron Collins Jr.

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

  • Alexander Dunn

    Product Manager

  • Prudence Francis

    Lead Designer